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Amit Mishra (Tryootech) Height, Weight, Age, Income

Amit Mishra (Tryootech) Height, Weight, Age, Income 

Amit Mishra is a professional Digital Marketer, Blogger, Youtuber, & Entrepreneur. After completion of his studies in Delhi, He moved to Pune for his very first job, He started working in Wipro Technologies as a Software Engineer, At the beginning of his corporate career, He felt himself very lucky that he got a white-collar job in such a big MNC where people dreams off to get in.

He started his YouTube channel in 2016 name ‘Tryootech’. The main focus of this channel is to help people through Technology, Business Development, Internet Marketing, and Online. He also started an SEO company named Webonx where I provide FREE SEO services to my clients, the main vision of this company is to help people through Search engine optimization for their blog and websites, as nowadays it becomes expensive to afford for newbies and rank on Google.

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Earnings and Earning Sources

He does blogging for last 4 years, earlier he was writing blog posts for news websites, hair transplant blogs and for his friends’ blog network, and was writing content for his clients on Upwork and Guru. After hustling for more than 4 years he builds more than 21+ active earning sources for him, all sources are online. He earns more than 3,000+USD every months and it keeps on increasing every month. He helped more than 50+ clients to grow their business through blogging and internet marketing. Also, Read – Rupesh Raushan Biography.


He starts as entrepreneurship because of hating his 9 to 5 job. He started his journey as a business owner, He started one company named ‘SURE KIRANA’ at the age of 21 it was an online grocery portal, due to lack of knowledge about websites, funding, the business development it failed and I end up with the loss. It was not a huge loss as that was his first project and investment was very less that is of $500 only. You may also like to read Amit Bhadana Biography.

Likes and Dislikes

Amit Mishra love to Blogging, Making videos(Youtubing), Building brands, Traveling. His favorite food was Paneer and he says he can do everything for Paneer.


Amit Mishra was also on social media and he was very active on his social media accounts like Facebook, InstagramTwitter, Snapchat, etc. You can follow him on his social media accounts. For the business proposal, you can mail him directly on his mail I’d.


Amit Mishra is a software engineer and his main source of earning from his job. His salary was about 35,000 Rupees. Besides this, he also earn a massive from affiliate marketing. He runs a YouTube channel, where he was earning money from Google Adsense and from sponsorships through his YouTube channel.

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